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CA IPCC Important Question & Topics has released by ICAI. IPCC exam is conducted by ICAI in every year. This exam is the second level of chartered accountant course, after if you clear first level of entrance CPT examination. Here we are provided all details related to CA IPCC exams.

CA IPCC Important Question & Topics

The CA IPCC exam dates are fixed, as they are conducted twice in every year, once in May month and second in November for both groups. The ICAI will conduct CA IPCC exams in 192 centers in our country and four centers in abroad.Candidates can start your exam preparation but first of all, you need the best material for your study and also CA IPCC Important Question & Topics according to your subject. This year CA IPCC exam will be held in May 2018.

These Important topics and Expected Questions for CA IPCC are prepared based on inputs from All India Topper and Rankers, for theory subjects and Important Chapters and Expected Questions for IPCC are provided for Practical subjects.

As we have informed about exam scenario of CA final, ICAI conduct examination in May and Nov months in one year. So don’t waste time all candidates just ready for preparation of CA Final Examination with help of CA IPCC Important Question & Topics.The Important topics we provide here are prepared based on statistical analysis given below.

  CA IPCC Important Question

CA IPCC Important Question & Chapters Group 1:-

All the eligible and appearing students can check the CA IPCC Important Question & Topics group first for CA IPCC examination here we have provided the chapter wise list which is mentioned below:-

CA IPCC Important Question & Topics for Accounting

Topic Marks
AS 10 (Theory) 5 Marks
AS 9: Revenue Recognition 5 Marks
Partnership Accounts 16 Marks
Cash Flow Statement 4 Marks
Investment Accounts 8 Marks
Average Due Date 4 Marks
Hire Purchase 4 Marks
AS 2: Valuation of Inventories 4 Marks

CA IPCC Important Question & Topics for Law

Topic Marks
Name Clause of MOA 6 Marks
One Person Company 6 Marks
Holding Subsidiary Companies 5 Marks
Alteration of Articles 6 Marks
Misstatement in Prospectus 6 Marks
Acceptance of Deposits 8 Marks
Debentures 6 Marks
Issue of Bonus Shares 8 Marks
Private Placement of Shares 6 Marks
Alteration of Share Capital 5 Marks
Debenture PariPassu Clause 5 Marks
Register of Members 4 Marks
Tribunal Powers for Meeting 4 Marks
Minutes Book 4 Marks

CA IPCC Important Question & Topics for Ethics

Topic Marks
Sources of Ethical Standards 5 Marks
Benefits of Business Ethics 4 Marks
7 Social Sins 4 Marks
Corporate Governance Measures 5 Marks
Caux Round Table 4 Marks
CSR Policies 4 Marks
Harassment at Workplace 4 Marks
Guidelines for Managing Ethics at Workplace 4 Marks
Factors influencing ethical behavior at work 5 Marks
Green Accounting 4 Marks
Eco-Friendly business practices 5 Marks
Parameters of Competition Law 5 Marks
Ethical Conflict Resolution by Finance Professional 4 Marks
Threats to Finance Professional 4 Marks
Fundamental Principles relating to Ethics 5 Marks

CA IPCC Important Questions & Topics for Costing and FM

Topic Mrks
Overheads 8 Marks
Marginal Costing 8 Marks
Contract Costing 8 Marks
Materials 5 Marks
Labour Theory 4 Marks
Investment Decisions 8 Marks
Financial Risk 8 Marks
Ratios 5 Marks
Funds Flow 8 Marks

 IPCC TAX Important Questions & Topics

Part 1: Income Tax

  1. Profit and gains from the business profession (IMP this time)
  2. Capital gain  questions
  3. Income from the head Salaries(Most IMP this time)
  4. TDS provisions (Most IMP for practical life)
  5. Deductions (IMP evergreen)

Part 2: Service Tax and VAT

  1. Services (Amendment related matter must)
  2. The provision related to service tax (for theory)
  3. VAT-Cenvat credit
  4. VAT-Input vat credit

 Important Question & Topics for CA IPCC Group 2

All the eligible and appearing students can check the CA IPCC Important Question & Topics group second for CA IPCC examination here we have provided the chapter wise list which is mentioned below:-

CA IPCC Advance Accounting Questions & Topics

  1. AS – 4, 5 ,11, 12, 16, 20, ( 10-12 Marks )
    2. Branch Accounting – Dependent Branches ( 8 Marks )
    3. Banking Companies ( Rate of Provision on NPA, P & L Account ) – 5-8 Marks
    4. Insurance Companies ( Form B-RA & B-PL, Unexpired Risks Reserves & Re-insurance & Short note on Unexpired Risk ) – 8-12 Marks
    5. Conditions for Buyback ( Sec. 77A ), Buy- Back Practical Question- 8 Marks
    6. Partnership & Amalgamation ( No as such selected topics in this chapters )
    7. Department – 8 Marks

CA IPCC Important Question & Topics for Auditing Accounting

  1. Start with company Audit 30 marks.
  2. Special Audits – Club Audit, Educational Institution, Hotel, Cinema Hall, Advantages of the audit of accounts of partnership firm.
  3. Verification: Cash, Depreciation, Contingent liability, Subsequent Events ( SA 560), Cut-off Procedures, Personal Exp. of Directors & Analytical Review ( SA 500 ). Do this chapter and vouching in last. Best book for doing this is Practice Manual.
  4. Internal Control – Audit Risk, Audit Trail, EDP Auditing Approach n another related topic to EDP.
  5. Preparation of Audit – Audit Techniques, Audit Programme, Audit Sampling ( SA 530 ), Continuous Audit, Letter of Engagement, Management Representation.
  6. Chapter 1 & 2 – Audit Evidence & Methods of obtaining it, Compliance & Substantive Procedures, Going Concern Assumption, Joint Auditors ( SA 299 ), Principles governing audit, SA 200, Types of Error ( Specially Commission & Casting ), Operational Audit, Detection of Fraud & errors, Audit Engagement Letter, Inherent limitations of Audit.

CA IPCC Important Question & Topics for Information Technology

Ch. Topic Marks
1 Business Process Re-engineering 5 Marks
1 Organisational Vs Operational Processes 4 Marks
1 Business Process Automation 5 Marks
2 Risks of IT 4 Marks
2 RISC Vs CISC 5 Marks
2 Relational Vs Network Database Model 4 Marks
2 Functions of an Operating System 5 Marks
3 LAN Vs WAN 4 Marks
3 Star Vs Ring Networks 4 Marks
3 Network Interface Card, Modem, Bridge, Router 4 Marks
3 N-Tier Architecture 5 Marks
3 OSI Model 6 Marks
3 Network Vulnerability 4 Marks
3 Firewall and its techniques 5 Marks
3 Five Rules of Extranet 4 Marks
3 Benefits and Risks of E-Commerce 5 Marks
4 Office Automation Systems 4 Marks
4 Management Information Systems 5 Marks
4 Customer Relationship Management 4 Marks
4 Expert Systems 4 Marks
5 Types of Business Applications 4 Marks
5 BPA Controls 5 Marks
5 Grid Computing 4 Marks

CA IPCC Important Question & Topics for Strategic Management-

Ch. Topic Marks
1 Macro Environment 4 Marks
1 Ethnic Mix 4 Marks
1 Porter 5 Forces Model 5 Marks
1 Globalisation 5 Marks
2 Corporate Strategy 4 Marks
2 Strategic Management Framework 5 Marks
2 Features of Strategic Decision Making 4 Marks
2 SWOT Analysis 4 Marks
3 Triggers of Change 5 Marks
3 Situational Analysis 5 Marks
3 ADL Matrix 5 Marks
3 Portfolio Analysis 4 Marks
4 Cost Leadership Vs Differentiation Strategies 5 Marks
4 Divestment Strategy 4 Marks
4 Turnaround Strategy 5 Marks
5 Marketing Mix 5 Marks
5 Production Strategy Formulation 5 Marks
5 R&D Strategy 4 Marks
6 Issues in Strategy Implementation 5 Marks
6 SBU Structure and Core Competence 4 Marks
6 Value Chain and Linkages 5 Marks
6 Leadership Role in Strategy Implementation 4 Marks
7 Total Quality Management 5 Marks
7 DMAIC Vs DMADV 5 Marks
7 TQM Guidelines 4 Marks

At last, we would like to say” All the best” to all candidates to score well in the examination if you have any query or doubt regardingCA IPCC Important Question & Topics” you can write in comment box. Our team member will assist you in a better way. For more information stay connected with.

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