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Army Training required for Govt Jobs To apply for a government job either it will be state government job or the central government job army training will be compulsory or not for this matter government has given the responsibility to the Parliamentary Standing Committee.

Due to the shortage of officers in Indian army force. The Parliamentary Standing Committee advised the government to make the five-year army training mandatory for those who seek govt Jobs in the state and central government. The parliamentary Panel gives the reason behind it that the five years of compulsory Army Training  required for Govt Jobs will fulfill the shortage of personnel in the Indian army force

Benefits of Compulsory Army Training Required for the Government Job

Regarding Army Training required for Govt Jobs, a comity has encouraged in last year of Parliamentary. According to reports, the parliamentary panel recommended to the ministry of defense preparing this proposal to al take this up to the Centre.

This recommendation was made by the Parliamentary Standing Committee to the government when the Indian army force has shortage 7000 officers over 20000 men and Indian Navy has the shortage of 150 officers over 15000 men. Thus this way the central and government department will be given the enriched and disciplined candidates trained by the PBOR

Army Training Required for Govt Jobs - Read Complete News

Roadmap for Military Training in Government Job

The Parliamentary Standing Committee was unhappy with the negative response of the DoP&T to the proposal of Army Training Required for Govt Jobs later the proposal was shifted to MOD. However, the shortage of officers in armed force should be given the first priority as it is directly related to national security.

Thus keeping this in view the parliamentary panel recommended the Ministry of Defence to come up with a new proposal regarding this proposal matter and inform them about the outcome of such discussion and The Ministry of Defence should transfer this proposal at the higher levels in the DOP&T and try to convince them with their demand.

Army Training Required for Govt Jobs for those who want a subsequent employment with the government is being considered by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT). The compulsory military training will be required for Govt Jobs is not sure a pre-condition to a service. But military training is a good way to discipline your life. The retired IAS officer Keshav Verma Said “such training should be given to students during their school time,”

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